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What Is Myofunctional Therapy ??

Myofunctional therapy is a specialized form of therapy that focuses on correcting improper habits of the lips, tongue, and jaws and create and maintain a healthy orofacial environment.

It is used to address conditions such as ..

•       Abnormal / Parafunctional habits such as thumb or finger sucking, cheek biting , lip biting that can affect the development of the teeth and jaws. 

•       Incorrect tongue position at rest: This occurs when the tongue rests in the floor of the mouth  instead of in the natural position against the palate.

•       Mouth breathing: When a person breathes primarily through the mouth instead of the nose, which can lead to issues such as dry mouth, bad breath, frequent tooth decays , Swollen tonsils & adenoids & altered facial development in children.

•       Improper Chewing & Swallowing Patterns : This is a pattern of swallowing in which the tongue pushes against or between the teeth, which can affect dental alignment and speech.

•       TMJ disorders: Jaw-joint issues that can cause pain, clicking, or limited movement.

•       Prolonged pacifier use .. Pushes the tongue back and down , blocks the tubes & can cause middle ear infections

•       Clenching or grinding of the teeth .. Causes teeth fractures & headaches

•       Myofunctional therapy typically begins with a comprehensive evaluation to assess your breathing, swallowing, and oral habits.

•       Based on this assessment, a personalized treatment plan is made to address your specific needs.

•       Treatment may involve a combination of exercises & techniques designed to retrain the muscles of the face and mouth.

Goals Of Myofunctional Therapy :

-  Lips at rest

- Breathing through the nose

- Tongue on the palate

- Improve swallowing

- Stabilize the results of Orthodontic work by addressing underlying muscle issues

- Improve oral health

If you have mouth breathing , swallowing , habit issues , Myofunctional therapy can be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Call The TMJ & Sleep Doc at 203 469 5644 for consultation 

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