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Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is caused by a blockage of the upper airway and is influenced by these Clinical signs ~constricted airway – measured by a Mallampati score *See end of list~ large neck circumference

Over 15 inches in women

Over 16 inches in men

do i have sleep apnea

Oversized and/or inflamed uvula~ extra large tongue~ scalloped tongue edges-caused by tongue forced against the teeth, gasping for breath.


~ enlarged tonsils

~ a droopy soft palate 

~ retrognathic mandibular jaw.

~ obesity

~ heavy or struggled breathing

~ scalloped tongue

scalloped tongue symptom of sleep apnea

~ bruxism

bruxism symptom of sleep apnea

~ abfractions

abfractions symptom of sleep apnea

~ obvious lack of energy

~ lack of focus in children causing ADHD -in 20% of ADHD victims.

~ daytime sleepiness during dental appointment or while driving, or watching TV, etc.

lack of energy symptom of sleep apnea

*MALLAMPATI CLASSIFICATION – You may do this self exam in front of a mirror. If you score in Class III or IV, or if you have the conditions described above you may call me for a complementary evaluation 

mallampti symptom of sleep apnea
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