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Restore Your Sleep. Restore Your Life.



Contact me below with your interest and your goal. I will call you back to set up a 45 minute no-obligation complimentary phone consultation, with solutions.


Jaw Pain

Joint Noises

Difficulty in opening mouth

Locking/shifting of jaw


Ear & Neck Pain


Trigger points in the musculature

Activated by injury

Or by repetitive strain to muscles

Dull aching of a muscle

Symptoms can be mistaken for other disorders

Complex but manageable disease


Sleep Testing

Snore Therapy

Sleep Apnea Therapy

Snore Guards

CPAP Alternatives

Laser Palate Tightening


Does your Kid sleep with mouth open at Night?

Does your Child snore at Night?

Does your Kid Grind their teeth at Night?

Does your Kid feel sleepy during the Day?

Above the Clouds

The Dangers of Obstructive Sleep Apnea

High Blood Pressure



noun_car crash_1876883.png

Increased risk of being in a car crash

Warning Signs in Your Child

  • Mouth Breather - No lip seal

  • Does your child snore / Heavy Breather / moves in sleep?

  • Does your child grind his / her teeth?

  • Does your child wake up with dry mouth in the morning?

  • Does your child have more decays?

  • Risk of aggressive behavior / ADHD

  • Does your child have Middle Ear Infections / Allergies?

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Advantages of the Oral Appliance

This specially designed mouthpiece fits over your teeth and is custom-made for you. Our custom designed device gently opens your airway to allow normal airflow to the lungs as you sleep.

Treatment is simple and can be completed in a few appointments.

Covered by most medical insurances
Easy to travel with
Much less maintenance
noun_Sleepy Emoji_1052392.png
Less snoring


sleep apnea doctor CT

Dr. Arora became passionate about helping people who are afflicted with Sleep Apnea five years ago when he had his own battle with sleep apnea. He learned how destructive it is to the quality of life. It was interfering not only with his own sleep but also with his wife’s sleep.


Dr. Arora said, "I discovered that so many of my health issues, like acid reflux and high blood pressure, were directly connected to Sleep Apnea and I knew I needed to take this seriously."


He was tested positive for sleep apnea and then given a medically approved oral appliance. His interest in teaching and treating dental sleep medicine was piqued when the oral device successfully alleviated his own sleep apnea symptoms. He said, "When I realized how valuable this small appliance can be I made my life mission improving and saving lives. General Dentistry is a noble profession- relieving pain and enhancing  smiles is a worthy service but nothing can top the feeling of truly saving lives."

  • Associated with a high risk for severe medical health problems, such as learning and behavioral problems, severe Sinus issues, Heart problems, impaired growth & failure to thrive.

  • Mouth breathing causes constriction of the Airways

  • Less Oxygen going to the Brain

  • Dryness of mouth in morning

  • Higher Risk of getting decays due to lack of saliva

  • Child snores / heavy breathing at Night

  • Child grinds his / her teeth at Night

  • Child moves a lot during sleep

  • Child feels sleepy during the Day

  • Child starts showing behavior issues

  • Child starts showing ADHD symptoms

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I was so impressed with you that I referred one of the most important person in my life to you – my 86 years old mother.


What Our Patients Say


Contact me here with your interest and your goal. I will call you back to set up a 45 minute no-obligation complimentary phone consultation, with solutions.

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